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The WBA was established in 2003 with the objective of disseminating and exchanging good practices and information on social responsibility and product integrity issues. One of the ways in which this has been achieved is to publish details of social responsibility initiatives funded by the brewing sector worldwide. Two printed editions have been published to date. The information they contained has been updated and is now included on this website. It also includes initiatives undertaken since the last edition was published in 2007.

It has also compiled regular reports specifically covering Drinking and Driving and in 2011 released a report on environment and utilities sustainability.

The Worldwide Brewing Alliance represents the brewing sector in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Russia, Ukraine and the USA (representing 88% of the world beer production).

Its members are:

  • The Beer Institute;
  • The Brewers Association of Australia & New Zealand Inc.;
  • The Brewers Association of Canada;
  • The Brewers Association of Japan;
  • The Brewers of Europe (whose membership encompasses 27 European brewing trade associations);
  • The British Beer & Pub Association;
  • Cerveceros Latinoamericanos (whose membership includes South American brewers and trade associations);
  • China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA);
  • Korea Alcohol & Liquor Industry Association;
  • The Union of Russian Brewers; and
  • Ukrpyvo, (the Ukrainian Association of beer producers).

Our Members

Beer Canada
Beer Institute
Brewers Association of Japan
British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA)
Cerveceros Latinoamericanos
Chinese Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association
Korea Alcohol & Liquor Industry Association (KALIA)
The Brewers of Europe
The Union of Russian Brewers
Ukrpyvo The Ukraine Association of Beer Producers