Support for the “BARS (Being an Alcohol Responsible Server) Program“

Key dates

  • Started on 01/01/1996
  • Last updated on 29/08/2015
  • Status: ongoing


  • USA

Funding bodies

  • MillerCoors : A joint venture of SABMiller and Molson Coors

Type of initiative

  • Reducing and preventing underage drinking

Description & results

A nationwide “secret shopper” program exclusively sponsored by MillerCoors that helps keep servers and sellers vigilant about checking I.D.s. Since 2005 the BARS services have become an integral component of the company's Respect 21 program. Participating establishments pay the BARS program to be monitored by BARS checkers (usually ages 21 to 25), who make random visits to their stores and purchase alcohol beverages. At the point of sale, the server is issued either with a green card for a positive check or with a red card for a negative check. The red card reminds the employee to check I.D.s; the green card congratulates and, where legal, rewards the server for checking the buyer’s I.D.

After three months in the program, retailers move from 67% compliance in checking ID's to better than 90%.

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