“The Quilmes Code“

Key dates

  • Started on 01/01/2003
  • Last updated on 07/09/2015
  • Status: ongoing


  • Argentina

Funding bodies

  • AB INBEV : Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes

Type of initiative

  • Marketing

Description & results

A code that strictly regulates the general principles, standard communications and the conduct of marketing actions. It provides guidelines and procedures for using: the various communication and promotion tools of the company’s beer brands; institutional communication; advertising; sponsorship activities; events; and promotions for consumers and for the sales and merchandising chain.

The company endeavours to direct all its messages and campaigns at those who are of legal drinking age, encourages responsible consumption of its products  and is committed to ensuring compliance with legislation on the sale and consumption of alcohol. All personnel involved in the marketing and promotion of the company's beer brands are expected to adhere to the responsible communication policies including: employees; suppliers; distributors; retailers; and institutions.

Some of the principles endorsed by the Quilmes Code are:

  • Do not show situations portraying excessive or irresponsible consumption of beer;
  • Do not advertise in programs whose main target audience are people under 18 years old;
  • Always use advertising models who not only look, but also are, older than 23 years; and
  • Never use any language or symbols or images that would mainly appeal to children or teenagers.

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