Solo + 18

Key dates

  • Started on 04/06/2013
  • Last updated on 16/02/2016
  • Status: completed


  • Argentina

Funding bodies

  • SABMiller Subsidiary :Cervecería Argentina Sociedad Anónima Isenbeck (CASA Isenbeck)

Type of initiative

  • Reducing and preventing underage drinking

Description & results

A program which aims to raise awareness among all social actors (authorities, parents, points of sale, and other civil society stakeholders) about the importance of preventing the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages to minors, and ensuring their commitment to take an active role, creating a nationwide movement. It uses television, radio, print media, panels in strategic locations, internal communication, point of sale promotions, and educational programs for school communities. All these platforms invite people to join this initiative through social networks with a call-to-action: "Join us" and "only +18".

This program ran in 2013 and again in April-June 2014.

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