"Summer Campaigns Against Drinking and Driving"

Key dates

  • Started on 15/12/2011
  • Last updated on 07/09/2015
  • Status: annual


  • Argentina

Funding bodies

  • AB INBEV : Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes

Type of initiative

  • Deterring drinking and driving

Description & results

A campaign aimed at promoting responsible drinking during the Summer, a time of year when celebrations, holidays, leisure time and fun with friends can encourage consumption of alcohol beverages and in some cases, its misuse. It encourages responsibility regarding drinking and driving and is focused on the on-trade. Initially point of connection materials were placed in 190 on-premise and 50,000 off-premise locations and "OOH Campaign" posters were placed in bus stops in Buenos Aires. A radio campaign promoted responsible sales. Campaigns to promote the Designated-Driver on Argentina's coast have taken place each summer to raise awareness on the importance of avoiding the combination of drinking and driving.

In January 2013, the campaign "Hero of the Night" was launched in Pinamar and Mar del Plata with activity in bars and night clubs.

During summer 2014, under the TVC "Roles" of Designated-Driver, we went to Pinamar and Mar del Plata with responsible messages saying "if you drink alcohol, don´t drive". The campaign included: 1) Activity in bars and night clubs, 2) Day time activity at the Designated-Driver stand in Pinamar; 3) Point of Connection Material in On Premise and SMK Channel; 4) Media and Public Relations.

In summer 2015, the goal is to encourage young people to always choose a designated-driver before going out. The message is "Drive one night and you could have 24hs of Benefits in Mar del Plata".


In 2014: 593 people subscribed to be Designated-Drivers and pledged not to drink alcohol beverages that night and to drive their friends home safely. The campaign received extensive publicity which helped to spread the message more widely.


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