"Global Be(er) Responsible Day (GBRD)"

Key dates

  • Started on 01/09/2009
  • Last updated on 07/09/2015
  • Status: annual


  • Argentina

Funding bodies

  • AB INBEV : Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes

Type of initiative

  • Encouraging responsible or moderate consumption

Description & results

Annual local activity related to the company-wide initiative which celebrates alcohol responsibility initiatives celebrated annually during the 3rd week of September. In Argentina the activity is spread over a week (GBRW).

In 2013, the third edition, took place between September 16th and 22nd. The focus was to promote the figure of designated-driver. With the active participation of employees, governments, NGOs and celebrities, awareness raising activities took place across the country. It included visits to stores, bars, restaurants and universities with responsible drinking messages and information about initiatives carried out throughout the year as part of the program "Vivamos Responsablemente". The activity was publicised via a media campaign on television, radio and social media and was supported by rugby clubs, and 2 well known football teams who wore a special shirts with the hashtag # conductordesignado.

In 2014, the fourth edition, took place between September 13th and 19th. This was an opportunity to showcase all the initiatives which operate under the umbrella brand "Vivamos Responsablemente". The weeks activity included:

  • a launch Event with a talk from a psychologist who specializes in young people;
  • a Road Safety Panel debated the challenges of road safety and included additional companies like Mapfre, YPF, Citroen and CESVI;
  • bar server training was conducted at the restaurant of a famous Argentinean rock star;
  • designated-driver initiatives were activated in Córdoba, Tucumán, Capital Federal and Provincia de Buenos Aires to promote "Don´t drink and drive".
  • the Quilmes football team played an important game with #DESIGNATEDDRIVER on their t-shirts, and, the captains of the two most important football clubs promoted the DESIGNATED-DRIVER.
  • to conclude the week, flags with a responsible message regarding not to drink if you are minor were distributed to everyone who attended the top 14 Rugby games; and
  • on Friday 19th, Beer Responsible Day,  all the employees went with the sales force to deliver responsible messages and to collect pledges from sellers and servers.


In 2014:

  • 880,000 people were reached though PNTs & PR;
  • 3,000 stakeholders were reached;
  • 2,000 employees participated. They walked 19,122 kms at the same time in diferents cities of Argentina and collected 3,108 pledges;
  • The campaign was mentioned 201 times in different media; and
  • Declared of interest by ANSV

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