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Welcome to the global social responsibility initiatives website of the Worldwide Brewing Alliance. This website includes details of initiatives, funded by the brewing sector worldwide, to help encourage only the responsible consumption of beer and reduce the harmful use of alcohol. Brewers play a leading role in, and commit significant financial investment to, all the initiatives included, either individually as brewers, by subscribing to trade associations and their confederations, or by funding Social Aspects Organizations and their internat...

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About Us

The WBA was established in 2003 with the objective of disseminating and exchanging good practices and information on social responsibility and product integrity issues. One of the ways in which this has been achieved is to publish details of social responsibility initiatives funded by the brewing sector worldwide. Two printed editions have been published to date. The information they contained has been updated and is now included on this website. It also includes initiatives undertaken since the...

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Latest initiatives


"Projeto Cidade Responsável", ("Responsible City Project")

An educational project  which aims to contribute to the reduction... +


"Ho Ho Ho – Don’t Drink & Drive – Chauffeurs Know Why – Jupiler"

A full digital national media campaign which took place during the las... +


Budweiser - "Make a Plan to Make it Home."

Budweiser's umbrella responsibility program to help reduce drunk drivi... +


"Be(er) Responsible Week (BRW)"

From September 13th to 19th we celebrated the 4 edition of "Beer ... +


"Health Briefing on Drinking and Obesity"

This briefing summarizes the evidence on the relationship between alco... +

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